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Click and Collect Books #1

I am trying the click and collect service from Hamilton City Libraries for some books, this is how it went. I received 5 books:

1. A Year of Creativity

By Hoeksema, Nooij, Catshoek and Konings

I liked the look of this book the most so started to leaf through it. It is about creating craft dates with friends. This book is designed for people who already knows sewing, knitting and crocheting. I particularly liked the inspiration board project. If you don't do multiple types of crafts you probably won't like this book. I am not sure how the projects will work in practice but have picked out a few projects to try!

Rating: 7/10

If you want this book you can get it from a book seller linked by Quarto Knows.

2. Living without Plastic

By Brigette Allen and Christine Wong

This is the smallest book out of the bunch. I looked at it second. There are more than 100 ways to swap out plastic for the home, travel, dining, holidays and more. It educates the reader about impact plastic have on the environment. I am pretty sure that I will still use plastic, but try to reduce and reuse the items.

Some plastic free items I use are the bamboo toothbrushes from Grin and Shampoo from Ethique. I have a set of metal straws but I keep forgetting to stop fast food joints from giving me straws.

Rating: 6/10 did not read this book in full but looked at the sections

3. Out of the Blue

By Tricia Guild

Designers Guild designs and wholesales furnishing fabrics, wallcoverings, upholstery, bed and bath collections. This book is a 50 year retrospective. The online content included a variety of videos. They show beautiful designs but do not have background audio.

The book itself works great for generating inspiration. You can visit Designer's Guild website to get an idea of their products.

Rating: 6/10. Would not read the entire book but looked through and admired the designs

4. Renovate Innovate: Reclaimed and Upcycled Homes

By Antonia Edwards

The author of this book is a founding editor of Upcyclist. (Blog on beautiful buildings, rooms, furnishings and objects made from redundant materials.) To be honest, this book was not my cup of tea as the houses photographed does not look lived in. I flicked through a few pages and put it away. It's possible that people do live in the houses featured but the concept would work much better as a video series, which would be tremendously popular and trendy right now due to housing affordability and lack of space.

Rating: 6/10. Book not read.

5. Northern Comfort: The Nordic Art of Creative Living

Published by Gestalten

The final book I opened up was like a bunch of magazines all published in one large book. Being Asian, I am not really familiar with Nordic culture. So this book is quite out of my comfort zone. It is fun to learn about their way of living!

Gestalten is a European creative publishing house. Check out their Pinterest!

Rating: 7/10. Will read in detail.


I had a fun afternoon looking at my loot from Click and Collect. It was a bit of hit and miss but I am keen to try it again in the future. If you live locally in Hamilton, New Zealand, try the click and collect service from Hamilton City Libraries.

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