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3 Art Exhibition Previews: Obsessed, Please Do Touch, A Product of Nature

Yesterday evening I attended an art exhibition previews at ArtsPost.


Liam Bourton

Abstract work by Liam Bourton similar to Sol LeWitt's 70s wall drawings, example below:

Wall Drawing by Sol LeWitt
Wall Drawing by Sol LeWitt

Highlight: learning a little about the artist's exacting methodology, and finding a favourite shade of orange that particularly stood out.

Please Do Touch

Yaniv Janson

I decided to attend these three exhibition openings mainly due to having met this artist a few years ago - a highly accomplished individual. Yaniv's collection raises awareness about global warming. The tactile installations explores themes of climate change, water quality, oceanic ecological systems, poverty and sustainable cities.

Climate Change Graphic
Climate Change Graphic

Highlight: Being able to touch the artwork(!) and was especially impressed and inspired by one of the pieces - it would work perfectly as a textile surface pattern repeat!

A Product of Nature

Llyr Williams

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to talk to the artist and learned that he is from a Welsh background and working with stone masonry is a family thing for him.

Example of Stone Mason Work
Example of Stone Mason Work

Highlight: finding out about the inspiration behind the work after speaking to the artist.

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