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Meet the Candidates

Hamilton Branch of National Council of Women New Zealand hosted a Meet the Candidates event on Tuesday 6th September 2022 from 7pm to 8.30pm at the Hall of St Peter Cathedral, 51 Victoria Street.

I was the time keeper at this event. Mayoral candidates were given 3 minutes and ward candidates 2 minutes to speak.

To find out more about each candidate, see below.

Feel free to follow and like Hamilton Branch of National Council of Women's Facebook page.

Mayoral Candidates

Lee Bloor

Lachlan Coleman

Jack Gielen

Horiana Henderson

Riki Manarangi

Donna Pokere-Phillips

Paula Southgate

Geoff Taylor

East Ward

Andrew Bydder part of Team Integrity

Anna Casey-Cox | Facebook | Instagram

Mark Donovan | Facebook

Jack Gielen

Ryan Hamilton | Facebook

Horiana Henderson | Facebook

Jess Hona | Facebook

Amy-Leigh Hopa | Facebook

Peter Humphreys | Facebook

Jason Jonassen

Russelle Sonya Knaap part of Team Integrity

Ross Macleod | Facebook

Riki Manarangi | LinkedIn

Raymond Mudford par of Team Integrity

Kesh Naidoo-Rauf | Facebook

Jenny Nand | Facebook

Jacqui Stokes | Facebook

Jake Tait

Tania Temoni-Syme | Facebook

Maxine van Oosten | Facebook

West Ward

Dave Boyd

Rudi Du Plooy part of Team Integrity

Jose Gonzalez

Louise Hutt

Sanjay Joshi

Dhirendra Kumar Naresh

Angela O'Leary

Emma Pike

Shanti Ralm

Matthew Small

Melissa Smith

Dan Steer

Roger Stratford

Geoff Taylor

Sarah Thomson

Michael West

Ewan Wilson

Maori Ward

Melaina Huaki

Maatai Ariki Kauae Te Toki

Donna Pokere-Phillips

James Ratana

Moko Tauariki

Te Pora Thompson

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