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Loffty Summit - 22 Free Expert Interviews on Mental Health and Wellbeing

I am going to the 3-Day Loffty Mental Health Summit to learn strategies to thrive. This virtual event is FREE to attend. 22 experts in their fields are being interviewed in videos, giving actionable steps to attendees to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Day 1

On day one topics include Stress & Trauma, ADHD, Getting A Diagnosis, Growing Your Business & Decluttering

I am looking forward to decluttering strategies to lighten your mental load by Carol Martyn. She is also known as Dr DeClutter. Another topic of interest is 'Getting a Diagnosis' by Dr Chris Mulroney of One Point Medical. This topic would have been super useful for someone newly diagnosed.

Day 2

On day two topics include Nutrition, Fitness, Parenting, ADHD, CBT, Addictions & Mental Health In Hospitality

I am looking forward to Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and how it can work for you by Anna Elders of Just A Thought from the Wise Group. Below is how Just a Thought works.

Day 3

On day three topics include Burnout, Depression, Eating Disorders, Financial Fitness, Te Ao Maori, Gambling & Love

I am looking forward to Leadership Coach and Author of 'Beyond Burnout' Suzi McAlpine talk about 'How to spot the 3 red flags of burnout and identify its 6 key causes'. I hope she also offers some solutions!

Also a shout out to Ivan Yeo, talking about gambling harm from Asian Family Services, he forwarded the invite for me to register for this summit.

The Loffty organisers have been very active, putting together the summit interviews, starting a Facebook page and followed up with a sneak peek where Adele Theron, Relationship Specialist is interviewed. You can join the free Summit too by visiting Loffty. See you there!

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