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Flourish Leadership Programme for Ethnic Women

"When women flourish, so do families & communities."

The leadership programme contained 10 monthly workshops.

One: Identity and Belonging

Understanding who you are, where you fit and being home.

Two: Leading for Change

Principles for developing the skills and assurance to be a leader.

Three: Civic Engagement

Growing community through action.

Four: Self Management

Building on personal strengths and practising sustainable self-care.

Five: Cultural Intelligence

Navigating bias and cultural differences.

Six: Communication

Connecting with purpose, clarify and confidence.

Seven: Advocacy

Standing for yourself and others.

Eight: Building Networks and Alliances

Strategically engaging with influencers.

Nine: Governance

Participating in responsible and responsive governance.

Ten: Collaboration

Together we are more (includes a six-month group project).

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